498 comments on The Science of Studying. by sarahtheotaku

Best study mix. Every once in a while I try and find other good study mixes but I eventually always just come back to this one. : )

I actually got a lot of work done thanks to this mix, so thank you! It is really cool. I've never focused so much on work in my life. :)

this is the only playlist i can listen to that actually helps me focus while studying/reading/doing homework. i've been listening to it since you originally made it and it's still not old. great job, really.

This is one my top studying playlists that I always come back to. Thank you for taking the time to make this amazing playlist!

I once took a music in film class in college where I wrote a paper on the music in the Shawshank redemption. Even though that was 3 years ago and I only watch the movie once, I immediately recognized "Brooks was Here". Strange how some music can stick with you even when you don't realize it. Good choice, and a great list, thank you.

Whenever "Time" comes up in one of these study playlists, I turn up the volume to full and work twice as fast. Great choices! Great playlist! Thank you!

Hehe... "The Things I Do For Love" is the song you can hear when Bran climbs up the tower before being pushed by that little ass biscuit Jaime Lannister...nice

This got me through finals my Senior year in college...currently finishing the last two exams, studying to this yet again! Thanks Sarah!