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Crave Vous

Favourite show with an awesome soundtrack <3


dear saraquin, you've made my month incredible already with this mix! love it! thank you

Sarah Oliveira



Fab! I was hooked on this eclectic mix of music from the jump - literally from the intro tune "You've Got Time" (Regina Spektor). As both a writer and a music lover, I enjoy the storytelling of the "Orange" series (I offer a conspiratorial nod and kudos to the writers) and the emotional boost the tracks give the storytelling. Good music has an interesting way of putting oneself in touch with his or her feelings, and if a good story provides a rich environ for that music to put out roots...well, you get an excellent product like "Orange". Of course, either (the music and the story) can stand on its own, but when married in such auspicious harmony, each seasons and adds flavor to the other. Great series + great music = happy fan!


I absolutely love this playlist.


Loved that show and its MUSIC!


Awesome mix Luv It :)