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Whooooa, I practically forgot how much I loved that Skinny Puppy track until now! It's been so long. Seriously another great mix. Love the creep factor of it.

Very Strange DJ. I did like it for sure. In fact, it made me think about all my old Skinny Puppy...Just dug out Process and spent some time listening to it...Love It!

thanks for the kind commment on my mix. glad you liked it. weird that it didn't register as an additional "play", tho. I do know christian death, but don't have any on mp3. I have 'atrocities' on vinyl.

"spikey, hard edged." another cool mix. I'll be looking for that "Ghosts" by Nick and Blixa too.
if you haven't checked it already, I think you'll dig my mix "the disembraining machine"