3 comments on Dark Cabaret Ballads

Oh my goodness, I was just in a dark cabaret music mood! (I was listening to Kokusyoku Sumire's music earlier today) It's such a pretty genre, isn't it? And your playlist is exquisitely lovely! I love your cover! *o* <3

ahh what a coincidence! i need to listen to more dark cabaret ballads because i don't have enough and i just love them, thank you and she looks familiar, the beauty on the cover, doesn't she?

I think you would love Kokusyoku Sumire's music! I love Circus no Uma and Watashi no Gakudan! I need to listen to more. They did an entire album inspired by Alice in Wonderland and I'm very curious to hear it. :)

You're very welcome anytime, lovely! t remember her in the film. o n o

Grah, 8tracks cut off what I said. > n < Anyways, what I was going to say was that she looks as if she could be an actress from Chicago, but I can't remember her in the film.