Made for that special someone whom you love but it hurts that he/she is out of reach and in another timezone and you can't make him/her see how much you care.

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How can I find one of your song with the title ''The One That Got Away Katy Perry'' but the remix one that you have in your list. BTW your mix is really good !!


Hey! Thank you so much for listening through every song in my playlist, it means so much! The soundcloud keep changing my songs automatically. It's the original song now! ;)




Thank youuu! :D


This mix so amazing! Can't stop listening to it....thank you


Thank you for listening to it too! I'll update frequently if ever I have new songs that I discovered. Feels good I get to make people smile with my song choices :D


this is so perfect.....this is the longest me and my boyfriend have been apart and this is an amazing playlist to listen to! thank you!


You're very much welcome! MY best prayers to you both, hope it won't be as unlucky as mine :/

I love this list!!! most of the songs that I usually listen to are on here:) I'm so glad I found someone that feels the same as I do! thank you for sharing:)


Not a problem! It's great to find someone who share your taste of music as well! And its great honor to hear that, thank you for your comments :D