Passion Pit
by Passion Pit

Passion Pit

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good songs update: thank you guys so much for getting this lowly playlist to gold! I just realized how bad the guitar on Do I Wanna Know sounded,so I ...
June 24, 2015
57   27min (10 tracks)
don't worry i have so many things to play with so many rooms to explore and i always have my old friends here with me and i'll stay here forever in my ...
June 28, 2015
5,699   1hr 2min (51 tracks)
so i finally finished my exams and now i can actually make playlists without feeling guilty from procrastination lol summer woo!!! here are some upbeat...
June 20, 2015
2,989   (26 tracks)
fuck, it's summer — go to a beach, take a road trip, have a bonfire, explore the city — a playlist perfect for those hot, summer days.
June 18, 2015