Ben Folds

852   3hr 45min (63 tracks)
Riding on waves, walking on sand Digging in caves to find the treasures of the land And if we find gold Well, we’ll just throw it away We can write sto...
June 21, 2015
597   2hr 12min (52 tracks)
an evolution of emotion: from cheesy & fun infatuation, to self-conscious questioning, to romanticism, to longing, to eventually reaching a level of be...
June 18, 2015
2,872   (45 tracks)
I hate this feeling But I love this part She really wants to make it work And I clearly want to let it start We'll build a waterslide As soon as I get ...
May 29, 2015
28   29min (9 tracks)
A cozy playlist that warms you up and tugs at your heartstrings / For the rekindled hearts "I finally understood what true love meant - love meant tha...
June 17, 2015