Amy Winehouse

mark ronson.
Due to a severe lack of Mark Ronson in the 8tracks world, I decided that I needed to celebrate this adorable man and his music.
February 09, 2015 mark ronson.
running mix
1,389   15min (11 tracks)
tracklist: http://hannigraham.
February 11, 2015 running mix
374   1hr 6min (18 tracks)
past * present * future love * death an eclectic mix of songs spanning the decades, songs predicting great love and great sadness cover art by erte.
January 25, 2015 ORACLE
Coffeeshop Blues
92   35min (10 tracks)
Mostly British songstresses, but I put a little surprise in there.
February 13, 2015 Coffeeshop Blues
shut up and dance with me
190   47min (14 tracks)
the lawstein hsau prom playlist.
February 13, 2015 shut up and dance with me
Trash Bird
A fanmix for Sweet Dee Reynolds, the trash queen.
February 16, 2015 Trash Bird
1,107   47min (15 tracks)
modern music inspired by the doo wop, bubblegum pop and soul sounds of the 50s and 60s (image is lana del rey, obviously).
February 07, 2015 keen