The Dø

s i l h o u e t t e s
1,663   1hr 24min (22 tracks)
Darkness and light crashed too violently Leaving only fragments of our silhouettes We were never meant to be.
March 14, 2015 s i l h o u e t t e s
Mermaid Love Songs
137   1hr 3min (25 tracks)
their voices the distant swell of ocean, their hair nothing but foam, they live amongst the tide pools on rocky shores and sleep on beds of scallop hal...
March 08, 2015 Mermaid Love Songs
mess it up, time is now
850   1hr 24min (22 tracks)
22 tracks including music by Astronomyy, Petite Noir, and Josef Salvat .
March 03, 2015 mess it up, time is now
Fool For You
68   26min (8 tracks)
fuck him.
February 04, 2015 Fool For You
everything to me
160   (12 tracks)
//includes// beach house little comets banks.
February 20, 2015 everything to me
you've got my eyes
a partially planned JohnRoxy fanmix consisting of some of my favorite music.
March 06, 2015 you've got my eyes
acoustic covers give me life
172   31min (14 tracks)
here's a mix with some awesome acoustic covers for you.
March 04, 2015 acoustic covers give me life
harmless monster
a very sudden change of color it's your eyes who deceive you i was an angel, someone's sweet thing with flowers in my hair -- an alluka zoldyck mix.
February 08, 2015 harmless monster