Prefab Sprout
When Love Breaks Down
by Prefab Sprout

Prefab Sprout

UK amalgamation
Massive amounts of talent across the pond.
February 28, 2015 UK amalgamation
All Kinds Of Love
5   1hr 9min (20 tracks)
Both sides of our favorite pastime.
March 24, 2015 All Kinds Of Love
157   4hr 27min (73 tracks)
Pop, rock, easy listening, country, indie, dance, disco, new wave, acid jazz, rnb, one hit wonders, aussie, kpop, french, spanish, romanian, 60's, 70's...
March 11, 2015 Random
that list sheila talked about and stuff
16   24min (23 tracks)
a list sheila was talking about for her friend so I made it and here it is but its long but its songs i lurve so i hope theres something here u lurve.
February 18, 2015 that list sheila talked about and stuff
bring on the major leagues
121   25min (12 tracks)
if i told you this was a playlist full of indie music would you listen to it.
January 17, 2015 bring on the major leagues
We Let The Stars Go Free
42   23min (9 tracks)
These songs take me to a certain place - how about you?.
January 20, 2015 We Let The Stars Go Free
Call me the Breeze
a Caitlin Lightcap playlist about how lonely it can be to lead, based on writing and characterization by CWR (cleanwhiteroom.
October 18, 2014 Call me the Breeze
151   47min (16 tracks)
Let's be real, this mix is 90% love songs and it is twee as hell.
December 17, 2014 vanilla/serendipity