Feeling down?
165   41min (13 tracks)
Music that lifts you up on shitty days, or tells you to keep going.
January 06, 2011 Feeling down?
Den of Djinns
202   41min (15 tracks)
Instead of a mix built solely around a genre, this one is more of an ensemble of music that goes together well, this definitely has a relaxed guitar-ta...
April 09, 2011 Den of Djinns
377   29min (8 tracks)
January 15, 2013 Algebraic!
70   1hr 17min (21 tracks)
Done in the end of 2010 for a ghost girl.
December 08, 2010 Sparks
103   1hr 20min (22 tracks)
Twenty-six tracks that I hope will get you going the morning including music by Rage Against the Machine, At the Drive-In, and Bear Vs.
May 10, 2011 Wake-the-Fuck-UpMix
Kid Tested, Mother Approved
107   1hr 2min (19 tracks)
Nineteen tracks that my mom won't mind listening to in the car, including music by My Heart to Joy, Sharks Keep Moving, and The Tallest Man on Earth.
December 03, 2010 Kid Tested, Mother Approved
Just scream out your emotions.
112   59min (14 tracks)
A collection of bands that scream out their emotions.
July 11, 2010 Just scream out your emotions.