Brenda Holloway

8   1hr 13min (26 tracks)
Radio Sadness's first outing.
March 11, 2015 Radio Sadness 2/19/15
48   1hr 59min (71 tracks)
Soul r&b songs,early Sixties.
March 01, 2015 60s Soul/r&b Vol. One
1,128   1hr 0min (25 tracks)
Sad 60s girls music- for when your heart is breaking but you still want to look smashing in go-go boots and Twiggy eyelashes.
January 13, 2015 an education in sad 60s girls
585   27min (10 tracks)
Ten tracks including music by Henry Mancini, Lana Del Rey, and Lesley Gore.
January 16, 2015 What's so sweet about sweet sixteen?
340   1hr 23min (33 tracks)
A playlist of killer music from nothing but Detroit musicians ranging from greasy and deranged punk and garage rock, to essential Motown and hip hop.
January 23, 2015 Can't Forget the Motor City
10,842   35min (15 tracks)
You gotta get down to get down.
December 12, 2014 Old School Cats
163   1hr 22min (26 tracks)
Tracks featuring the fabulous Carol Kaye on bass (titles taken from her website).
November 03, 2014 Carol Kaye
4   1hr 1min (25 tracks)
Sad Girls Club meeting in session.
October 19, 2014 Why Oh Why