613   54min (17 tracks)
A collection of (somewhat) traditional tunes from or inspired by the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.
February 24, 2015 like pearls set in coral
299   3hr 32min (68 tracks)
Take a listen, and I promise you'll hear something new.
January 27, 2015 In All Our Infinite Variety
16   9min (17 tracks)
An epic mix for the Grey Wardens.
February 21, 2015 Grey Wardens // Dragon Age
86   1hr 32min (33 tracks)
March 09, 2015 Farisî
686   40min (13 tracks)
A mix for mysterious cities and old rites, of blood and gold and fire, of ancestral voices and black temples and wine as dark as the underworld.
January 11, 2015 Gold & Pyres
232   42min (13 tracks)
a mix for ancient witches, old powerful spellworks and strong covens.
January 01, 2015 Incantations
231   2hr 43min (36 tracks)
Where gods become mortal.
January 04, 2015 Mystic Garden
96   1hr 9min (16 tracks)
I'll provide the soundtrack, you imagine the movie.
January 11, 2015 Imaginary Fantasy Soundtrack