Jai Uttal

Goddess of Serenity.
801   1hr 4min (16 tracks)
Sacred, soothing, and beautiful sounds to connect you to the heart of the Divine Mother.
January 30, 2015 Goddess of Serenity.
Sahaja yoga bhajans
74   2hr 15min (21 tracks)
Bhajans of sahaja yoga.
December 16, 2014 Sahaja yoga bhajans
Prana Flow Yoga
3,346   1hr 16min (8 tracks)
Music for an hour-ish yoga practice including the likes of Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Steve Gold, and Ben Leinbach (I mean included *in the music*, althou...
October 17, 2014 Prana Flow Yoga
2,028   1hr 15min (11 tracks)
the remover of obstacles the god of wisdom, knowledge, and new beginnings oooommmmmmmmmmmm.
September 28, 2014 ~ganesha~
Ganges Mix
666   2hr 59min (29 tracks)
Indian and Middle Eastern Inspired groove.
August 30, 2014 Ganges Mix
~remember to breathe~
2,935   1hr 2min (10 tracks)
no need to worry.
August 15, 2014 ~remember to breathe~
232   1hr 29min (8 tracks)
Classical Hindu devotional songs with a few non traditional twists.
September 15, 2014 Devotion
Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
2,130   1hr 52min (22 tracks)
Massage Flow .
July 25, 2014 Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu