Soles of Fire
by chauffeur


FvF October 2011 mix
2,728   (18 tracks)
This warm & tasteful indian summer mix by our very good friend Sven Hausherr goes all the way back to the 70s with Iggy Pop and FleetwoodMacRapture and...
October 04, 2011 FvF October 2011 mix
New Years Revolution
125   1hr 19min (23 tracks)
Beats to start the year off right, including tracks by Atmosphere, Breakbot and Broken Bells.
January 13, 2010 New Years Revolution
135   4min (8 tracks)
I've watched MTV a lot.
March 15, 2013 POP JUSTICE
Untitled MIX
43   7min (8 tracks)
Just some my most energetic songs i have.
April 22, 2012 Untitled MIX
34   5hr 5min (99 tracks)
this once was composed for a special someone.
May 21, 2013 mm