Hooray for Earth

8-track audio tape player: a magnetic audio tape cartridge player, popular in the 1970s and now obsolete .
February 25, 2015 Oops...
smokey summer air
23   1hr 13min (21 tracks)
a chill playlist 4 summertime driving and windows down and mayb beach .
March 12, 2015 smokey summer air
Electric Coven
110   (20 tracks)
Some Austra, Purity Ring, and Crystal Castles, and for casting spells and secret rituals.
February 22, 2015 Electric Coven
Fresh Waves
46   27min (15 tracks)
Reminiscent with the quality to trance .
February 02, 2015 Fresh Waves
Little Black Horse
Twelve tracks with several contributions from Danger Mouse tying them together.
January 30, 2015 Little Black Horse
The Anti-Valentine's Day Playlist.
8,849   1hr 10min (19 tracks)
Alternative rock anthems to help you let go of all that angst when every single person's least favorite holiday comes around.
January 11, 2015 The Anti-Valentine's Day Playlist.
31   1hr 13min (25 tracks)
my favorites songs of.
January 12, 2015 US
we're going to the outside world
'Listen, maybe w-we can override the autopilot p-programming on this ship somehow.
January 20, 2015 we're going to the outside world