The Stroke
by Billy Squier

Billy Squier

And that's the way that you feel, honey
69   1hr 12min (22 tracks)
A Sunday playlist for lovers, star-crossed flames and anyone caught inside the strands of another lost refrain.
March 02, 2015 And that's the way that you feel, honey
"...a sixth night?"
a fnaf playlist for the one and only mike schmidt ((drawing by rebornica.
January 04, 2015 "...a sixth night?"
Fav Rock Songs Part 2
This is Part 2 Make sure you check out part 1 if you haven't already and any of my other future playlists Thanks :D.
January 05, 2015 Fav Rock Songs Part 2
DJ_Serenity's "Love My Way" 1982
121   2hr 20min (46 tracks)
~*~*Love my way, it's a new road I follow where my mind goes~*~* All song titles in Alphabetical Order and are from 1982! <3 ~46 tracks~.
February 22, 2015 DJ_Serenity's "Love My Way" 1982
Classic Rock
Eighteen tracks including music by Kansas, Def Leppard, and The Rolling Stones.
November 26, 2014 Classic Rock
706   14min (28 tracks)
old but gold.
January 04, 2015 Paranoid
devils trap
4   3hr 7min (65 tracks)
Don't be afraid of the dark? What, are you kidding me? Of course you should be afraid of the dark! You know what's out there!.
February 03, 2015 devils trap