As the Stars Fall
by The Cinematic Orchestra

The Cinematic Orchestra

Back to School

291       1hr 5min
an instrumental playlist for the sleepless nights, whether that be nights spent sipping tea and studying or nights when the stress seems too high and s...


I can't help but fluster my mind with all different kinds of thoughts, but in the pit of my stomach it feels like I'm loosing you, and I don't know wha...

'cause right now I wish you were here with me

93       1hr 36min
because our friendship is described as goals a lot of the time but seriously; i love you a lot and you always make me smile and yeah im awkward goodby...

life in still motion

2,224       56min
A major theme for me this past year has been learning to find the beauty in the everyday, to find those moments in the mundane that remind me of how gl...