Je bois
by Boris Vian

Boris Vian

l'Ecume des Jours
373   18min (8 tracks)
A daydream fanmix for those with eels in their sinks, lillypads in their lungs, and a little blues in their heart.
November 23, 2014 l'Ecume des Jours
Songs of Dissidence | Τραγούδια Αντικαθεστωτικά
62   1hr 40min (29 tracks)
Some old and some modern songs of protest, anti-war, about immigration, dissidence, anti-fascism and the working class struggle from around the world.
November 18, 2014 Songs of Dissidence | Τραγούδια Αντικαθεστωτικά
Pepper Spray
Highly recommended for tyrants!.
November 04, 2012 Pepper Spray
La musique francaise pour Olesya
271   38min (13 tracks)
The mix from Marjorie with most essential french music from her point of view!.
May 22, 2011 La musique francaise pour Olesya
french knickers
139   22min (9 tracks)
Nine tracks including music by Josephine Baker, Stefie Shock, and La Compagnie Creole.
April 26, 2010 french knickers
244   22min (10 tracks)
August 02, 2012 Français
L'écume des jours.
387   23min (9 tracks)
Colin aime Chloé.
April 20, 2013 L'écume des jours.
French music fanmix
Beautiful French music! Beautiful French music for everyone!.
December 30, 2013 French music fanmix