5   1hr 16min (20 tracks)
Make your heart go キュンキュン (kyun kyun) and let's take some ☆★☆★☆★☆★p u r i k u r a s ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★.
July 01, 2015
1,453   37min (16 tracks)
the freshest tracks in Inkopolis direct to you, so you can jam while you're shopping for new gear at the mall or getting pumped for your next match tr...
June 11, 2015
644   (11 tracks)
you can only listen to it in order once because 8 tracks hates me but its fine w/o it too :0 LATULA AND HER ILL BRAIN FROM FACADE TO FEELING SHITTY ABO...
May 30, 2015