Bright Eyes

89   50min (16 tracks)
this is the ultimate ot3 and so here is a mix for it this playlist goes from bros to very gay very quickly be warned art by me, electricgale.
May 03, 2015
155   54min (15 tracks)
so your in a coffee shop, your sitting down drinking from a really cute mug and enjoying some bomb ass coffee, all while thinking, about nothing in par...
April 26, 2015
5,917   1hr 29min (26 tracks)
If his laugh doesn't claw it's way into your memory and his smile doesn't make you feel like the entire universe is right in front of you then you are ...
April 23, 2015
448   1hr 1min (18 tracks)
I wanna make you the kinda happy that when you lay in bed at night you´re just like wow who even knew this was possible?.
April 29, 2015