Super Powers
by Cocoon


cafe music
608   (23 tracks)
Songs you might hear playing in a tiny corner cafe in your downtown.
February 24, 2015 cafe music
salt water sting
286   4min (14 tracks)
How nautical, sabbatical, men praying by the sea! I said, "I'd love to join the crew boys, but the chapel never did a thing for me.
February 14, 2015 salt water sting
tonight you belong to me
11,246   (19 tracks)
best duet songs! sing with your darling :).
February 13, 2015 tonight you belong to me
i don't care if monday's blue
15   46min (22 tracks)
some of tadashi's top choices to get him through the day, whether he's studying, working on baymax, or keeping after hiro.
February 26, 2015 i don't care if monday's blue
Almost summer, I guess.
334   52min (15 tracks)
Summer is almost here, but I feel a little mellow.
January 28, 2015 Almost summer, I guess.
wash your dishes!
124   35min (15 tracks)
music which motivates me to do housework with some breaks to dance around the kitchen.
January 16, 2015 wash your dishes!
hakuna your matatas
45   26min (13 tracks)
for when you need to just lay down and let time fly.
January 23, 2015 hakuna your matatas
Just wanna stay in my bed forever
298   (21 tracks)
Listen to this playlist when the only thing you want to do is lazing in your bed and stay there forever .
January 07, 2015 Just wanna stay in my bed forever