Against Me!

Punk 101: The New Wave
51   1hr 12min (114 tracks)
"Punk 101: The New Wave" compiles music from the modern-day (2000-2015) punk scene, including folk, surf, trashy pop, and second-wave riot grrrl.
March 11, 2015 Punk 101: The New Wave
--[puncture wounds]--
4   27min (8 tracks)
a mix for when u wanna scream at the world but u also kinda want to cry a lil.
March 31, 2015 --[puncture wounds]--
Dysphoric From Gender
Dysphoria killing you? well here's a playlist for you.
March 25, 2015 Dysphoric From Gender
Teenage Anarchist
728   55min (30 tracks)
I say fuck authority.
February 11, 2015 Teenage Anarchist
66   (13 tracks)
A FrUK fanmix with some concentration on their gender identities, Fran├žois being genderfluid and Arthur a trans boy.
February 08, 2015 Identity
rebel girl
246   1hr 11min (30 tracks)
happy international women's day I feel like i'm still leaving out so many important girl punk bands enjoy .
March 08, 2015 rebel girl
Trans Anthems
186   46min (15 tracks)
There's a lot of transphobic songs that cis people seem to think are good anthems, that we've absorbed.
February 06, 2015 Trans Anthems