Archers of Loaf

81   1hr 30min (24 tracks)
Three broken kids in a messed up world {they deserved better}.
April 01, 2015 maelstrom
114   23min (8 tracks)
The soundtrack to my old band's 1994 tour.
January 19, 2015 Livin' the Indie Rock dream
247   1hr 48min (27 tracks)
90's emo mix for Alex.
January 08, 2015 (houses we grew up in)
You don't pick your parents and you don't pick your l̶o̶v̶e̶r partner.
February 14, 2015  Kiss with a Fist
63   3hr 46min (66 tracks)
for the boys back home .
January 09, 2015 off the rib tip
139   30min (9 tracks)
drink some iced coffee, cry a little bit, write some angry poems, listen to happy music and move the frick on.
December 06, 2014 move the frick on
9   1hr 2min (15 tracks)
On that occasion, I was there, Rich.
January 01, 2015 little better than dogs
68   1hr 2min (23 tracks)
Mostly uptempo (Indie) guitar rock as I lived it in the 90s, part 1.
January 13, 2015 One hour of indie and friends - 1990-1994