by Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette

for the badass that is daenerys stormborn of the house targaryen, the first of her name, the unburnt, queen of meereen, queen of the andals and the rho...
July 02, 2015
294   20min (8 tracks)
A mix to congratulate Markiplier for his 8 million subscribers and to send him my best birthday wishes! I know I'm a bit late (and a bit early), but I ...
June 28, 2015
23   32min (8 tracks)
and i hope you die i hope we both die (sometimes i think about letting you back in, but that's only so i can use you to hurt myself just like you used...
July 22, 2015
504   2hr 15min (43 tracks)
pearljam, weezer, cure, greenday, cranberries, rhcp, verve, bonjovi, alicein chains, soundgarden, rem, foofighters, savagegarden, gunsnroses, sugarray,...
July 14, 2015