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Six Bullets And A Coffin For The Ruthless Gringo

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Honestly, I haven't a clue, other than some tracks from Django films. He's a walking encyclopedia of good music. Whatever he uses, I'm sure it'll be pretty fantastic! How about you?

Well, he already used a lot of Morricone in is non-western films, I was wondering if he's gonna used some less known spaghetti scores, like this one opening your mix. Wonderful piece, very atmospheric ! Cheers.

I have had many stops and starts with it, mainly because I had become distracted by the info glut of the internet and my books were getting ignored. Feels good to be holding a book in my hand again and becoming absorbed in the words.

That's in my "to read pile" which actually isn't so much a pile as two open bookshelves filled with books on both sides (so more like 4 bookshelves). *Benefits of having parents who owned a bookstore!*

Me too! I had a goodreads account but really didn't pay it much attention until visiting about it with @dj_dim-mak recently. Now it's kind of like a stern schoolmarm standing over me with a knuckle-rapping ruler. Look for me on there!