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Six Bullets And A Coffin For The Ruthless Gringo

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Honestly, I haven't a clue, other than some tracks from Django films. He's a walking encyclopedia of good music. Whatever he uses, I'm sure it'll be pretty fantastic! How about you?

Well, he already used a lot of Morricone in is non-western films, I was wondering if he's gonna used some less known spaghetti scores, like this one opening your mix. Wonderful piece, very atmospheric ! Cheers.

I have had many stops and starts with it, mainly because I had become distracted by the info glut of the internet and my books were getting ignored. Feels good to be holding a book in my hand again and becoming absorbed in the words.

That's in my "to read pile" which actually isn't so much a pile as two open bookshelves filled with books on both sides (so more like 4 bookshelves). *Benefits of having parents who owned a bookstore!*

Me too! I had a goodreads account but really didn't pay it much attention until visiting about it with @dj_dim-mak recently. Now it's kind of like a stern schoolmarm standing over me with a knuckle-rapping ruler. Look for me on there!

I feel like I'm on the bloody trails with Sam Peckinpah, Franco Nero & Sartana! Nice one, and makes me want to watch some widescreen westerns this evening.

'Once Upon a Time...' is one of two favorites. It's like cinematic therapy every time I put that one in. I just get swept up by its beauty. The other is Peckinpah's 'The Wild Bunch.' Both films are perfect to me. (I also love 'Django Kill, if you live, shoot!')

'Once Upon A Time' is easily top five of any genre for me! So operatic and panoramic. Love Morricone's recurring theme songs... A great way to kill a few hours on a cold winter day here on the plains.