4 comments on The Black-Gloved Killer Feeds At Night

zipping up my shiny leather gloves (in close-up), sharpening the blades and pulling up the collar on my night-black coat. the streets are mine now and this is mix is my soundtrack :)

but i guess you've never seen the rare sergio martino film, 'the headphone murders' - lots of topless women dancing with headphones on in their bedrooms.....and then they never hear the creak of the door..... ;)
fine mix, man.


wonderful job, thank you sir... can't believe i've never been to that quiet place in the country before - must find.

I actually haven't seen that film either. Sounds pretty fascinating though! Lemme know what you think if you get around to checking it out (if you can remember to do so.) =)


oh... i had a mix all cued up to hear, but it is now vetoed. i feel like having my eyes held open with needles whilst watching someone have their throat cut right now...