8 comments on *Drive*: Spoonhead's unofficial soundtrack

yay for tangerine dream! damn, i was just about to make a mix inspired by them,... i was listening to kyoto right before i put this on!

oooh, a fellow tangerine dream fan as well.....i had most of their albums including kyoto as a teenager - only ones that stayed with me are phaedra, alpha centurai - the real 'out there' ones.....and TD was my first concert - back on the Atari tour....thanks for the listen, and look forward to your TD-inspired mix.

oi, admittedly i am not a true, hardcore fan. i only recently actually acquired anything by them although i've known about them for years. kyoto i recently got and it's blowing my mind. and this mix totally takes the cake, i'd be embarrassed to try to make a mix with the same intent. the tracks on here are really great. i think i'm moving from a TD-inspired mix to something with TD included in it... whatever it turns out to be, hope ppl like it. i make weird mixes sometimes i think