on October 31, 2016

Today is Halloween, a day that we look forward to every year as an opportunity to dress as something other than ourselves and live in a general atmosphere of terror and have a great time doing it. As you should hopefully be aware, we've been running a Halloween playlist contest to get in the mood, and on this hallowed day of nightmares we are ready to announce the winners of that contest! So, without further ado, our champions:

These creepy critters have won free 8tracks Plus subscriptions! You can hear their award-winning mixes in the collection below.

But you may notice that there are a few more playlists included in this collection than just those crafted by our esteemed winners. First, we've included the last mix published by tkyd, a dear friend of ours who recently passed. We felt it fitting to include it in this collection not only because it was made with this contest in mind, but also because like all of his other mixes, it's really good.

But you'll notice that there are EVEN MORE mixes in that collection that aren't accounted for. Those come from none other than the wretched goblins of the 8tracks staff, who couldn't resist the opportunity to make playlists to celebrate their favorite Halloween movies. Check out the full Halloween experience below. We hope it will inspire you to go forth and be the monster you were always meant to be: