3 comments on Aural Hygiene 1

"Good Music" is actually the only appropriate tag to use here. The very nature of the event is eclectic. But there is a concept to every session. Read on if you want to understand..

OLDIE OPENER - tied to an anniversary
The Doors

FIVE PIECE - a non-generic topic, in this case: five good songs from 2011
PJ Harvey, Girls, The Black Keys, Anna Calvi, St Vincent

FRESH STUFF - good tunes from the past month or two
Band Of Skulls, Anais Mitchell, Sleigh Bells, Django Django, Andrew Bird

OBSCURE GENRE - this month: dark americana
Reverend Glasseye, Those Poor Bastards, The Peculiar Pretzelmen, The Dead Brothers, 16 Horsepower

SEMI-LEGEND - a remarkable band from the last decade or so
Gogol Bordello (just one song out of five in this playlist)

FAREWELL COVER - a beautiful cover version to finish the session
Amanda Palmer covering Nirvana