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thanks Maria. 16HP are amazing, try their Your Truly compilation on Spotify if you dont know their music yet


"Good Music" is actually the only appropriate tag to use here. The very nature of the event is eclectic. But there is a concept to every session. Read on if you want to understand..

OLDIE OPENER - tied to an anniversary
The Doors

FIVE PIECE - a non-generic topic, in this case: five good songs from 2011
PJ Harvey, Girls, The Black Keys, Anna Calvi, St Vincent

FRESH STUFF - good tunes from the past month or two
Band Of Skulls, Anais Mitchell, Sleigh Bells, Django Django, Andrew Bird

OBSCURE GENRE - this month: dark americana
Reverend Glasseye, Those Poor Bastards, The Peculiar Pretzelmen, The Dead Brothers, 16 Horsepower

SEMI-LEGEND - a remarkable band from the last decade or so
Gogol Bordello (just one song out of five in this playlist)

FAREWELL COVER - a beautiful cover version to finish the session
Amanda Palmer covering Nirvana