Not exactly motivating, but it's a step in the right direction. Playlist featuring Sigur Ros, Noah and the Whale, and Explosions in the Sky. I made this for you guys, this is as much your mix as it is mine. Enjoy!

If you liked the mix, please share! New track added 10/24/12

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It's strange to think this mix is over a year old. This is still one of my favorites I've made. I'm glad you've all enjoyed it. :)


thanks for creating exactly what i needed


Haven't listened the playlist till end yet, but I suggest Emancipator - Nevergreen, and I'm guessing the track you chose of Sigur Ros is Staralfur, if not, also that. Good job buddy, thanks for your kindness and humanness. I appreciate


its werk...


That is really nice mate! really enjoy it!

Jorge Restrepo

Very nice mix bro... keep it going.