This mix is over 130 songs long! It was originally made to help my girlfriend get through her day of work without having to worry about constantly choosing music. It contains essential songs from Canadian indie and alternative artists and bands spanning the last 5 years and covers rock, pop, electronic and hip-hop genres. It is a perfect blend of sounds for the background at home or in the office. Listen for bands such as Fiest, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Tegan and Sara, and a lot more.

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3,823    4hr 52min (131 tracks)
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Gorgeous mix! Perfect for so many things: studying, housework, cooking or drinking coffee! love it :)


hahahah listened it at the office :)


I come back to this time and time again. Currently have my earbuds in at work to avoid having to listen to Christmas music, rocking out to this epic playlist. Thanks man

the sasquatch

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!




Dang good!


Probably the most amazing playlist i've heard!


I love you, my love. It's brightening my day as we speak. Ehm, as I write. xoxoxoxo

Jasper Cavendish assignment tomorrow is to listen to this mix all day long tomorrow. If I like my job at the end of the day I'll lobby for music listening rights for all workers.

the sasquatch

Nice. Good luck!