Harmonious music to indulge your scenes to.
For meditation, relaxation, stretching, sleeping, or taking massive hits from your bong, this mix will add to your enjoyment. Suggestions are welcomed and mixes do get updated occasionally.

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7,648    1hr 58min (16 tracks)
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Brava! Thank you. I couldn't sleep or work listening to this cause...I just had to loll and listen.


Guys, I really was not expecting The Machine in a mix tagged with words like classical, medition, relax and sleep. It kind of fits the general mood, but this is not the first mix that contains somewhat surprising titles (surprising means: I have to double check if it's still the same mix playing). Since 8tracks does not show the track list (more so, they say they can't) I was wondering if they add their own promotional titles. So.... The_Cartographer, did you actually include tracks with e-guitar and drums into the mix? Not really complaining, just wondering.


mavieseq, there's no conspiracy in 8track mixes, you're thinking of the music industry in general.


A very beautiful and heart captivating list. Philip Wesley somehow knows my soul. Thank you for the mix, much appreciated.


Another evil mix. Well done, sir.


A favorite of mine,thanks for putting it up ^_^


i actually fell asleep! works like a charm! thanks


tripped hard to this mix last night. super fun. thank you sir.


tmi would be mentioning the scary creatures I saw during the apex of my trip. the odd geometric patterns and the breathing of my room.


Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it, I think.