This Week in SF, 1/23-1/27/12


Bands performing in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1/23/12-1/27/12

  • Lenz "Moody Michelle" by 1234gorecords
  • and we set our sails by Wet Dreams Dry Magic
  • Gypsy Stealin' by Trainwreck Riders
  • La Razon by Zodiac Death Valley
  • Lucy by SUNBEAMRD
  • Trip by Vacationer
  • Lover by Black Jeans
  • Cairo Is a Haunted City by Vatican Shadow
  • Evil Eyes by onlyevileyes
  • Heaven by The Walkmen
  • Mouth To Speak by fakeyourowndeath
  • Alana by Brand New Trash
  • 01 I'm Gonna Try by themaldivesband
3 tracks
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