Same as last time, here are 33 songs to think about that person to. Only now it's late, you're tired and lonely, and just want a beautiful song to tell you you're not crazy for feeling this way.

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Can someone post all the songs of this playlist? It's sooo good but after a while you can't skip to the next song anymore


I really liked this playlist. <3


i'm in love with every playlist you make, if it was possible i'd hire you to just make playlists for eternity idk i really love this one


I love the description. I guess I just want a beautiful song to tell me I'm not crazy for feeling this way. Thank you for this! :)


This is perfect. I can't even explain how much this relates to me, my music tastes, and the one I can't be with. Thanks!


I wish I could just find that lonesome person I miss and hug them. Thanks for the help :)


A year later and I still find myself listening. Thanks