1440 comments on Songs that make you feel better by tylr

Thank you so much. It's only the first song and I already feel 1000x better than I did a minute ago. I needed this.

for tesmith47-757> "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" and often so is negativity, ghosts, labels and so many other artifacts that can affect the way we perceive reality; usually, words get in the way and that's why music can be such a blessing; I enjoyed this mix and would love to check any other you consider worth listening to; any suggestions? thanx tylr!!!

I first listened to this back in 2009, I was just a kid exploring the world. I can honestly say this had a strong influence on my taste in music. To this day I still avadly listen to the Decemberists, MGMT, and Metric. Thanks Tylr for showing me what good music sounds like.

Same exact story here. This offered great comfort while alone in Lisbon '09. So glad to be introduced to spoon.