I would be really, really happy. And you would be too. And even on the days that we wouldn't want to get out of bed, it would be like a new adventure, because everything is a new adventure with you. I'd never want to part from you. With you, my soul would feel whole, and my life would be complete. I want to dance with you, sing with you, I want to do everything there is to do with you. This mix is how our life together would be.

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I feel like I'm always putting this one on.
Love it so much :)


this playlist completes my life. a million times thank you


i love it good job!


can I get the track list?


Sure, if you put your email in my Tumblr inbox i can email you the track list!


love my girlfriend and this is the playlist that I gave her to listen when she came to my Country (Mex)! it's awesome! distance is nothing for us :)

☁︎ǝslǝʞ pɐɯ☁︎

totally one of my fav mixes


I love it! Beautiful mix , Nice job :)