6 comments on no sooner had the last one sunk in than a new one sprung up to lift me down to the place where I started

you're an ex-pat, ain't ya…? Y'know summat, matey-dude, I'd not bother coming back. It's fucking stupid season over here now, where WEED is blamed as cause-of-death, rather than carbon monoxide. Yep, ya read that right; guy smokes 2 blunts, then gasses himself on car exhaust. Pathologist rules "cannabis poisoning". Or a lass smokes 0.5 of s blunt a night to help combat insomnia. She dies in her sleep. Pathologist rules "cannabis OD". I reckon she had undetected congenital cardiomyopathy - nigh on impossible to detect with current scanning techniques. HTF can ya spend 5 years at med school - and however long training in pathology - and be so utterly, UTTERLY, lacking in common-sense…?! No, stay where ya are, Tom Cat, the UK's FUCKED!