Eleven tracks written, performed, and recorded at home by my beautiful friend Pilar. She's saved my life over and over again, so I figured it'd be selfish of me not to share her melodies with you. [All of the songs are by Artist 1 on Album 1, etc, because they wouldn't let me upload it. Artist: Pilar Ali Mendez Album: N/A. If you love it that much, let me know and I'll send you a CD. We're trying to raise money so she can fly out to Germany to see her boyfriend.]

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4 comments on 'Cause no matter where you go, My heart is always gonna know, I love you so

this is great. I'd like a cd


I feel like I have heard the piano part of Running Away before...i don't know, maybe i haven't. Anyways, this mix is absolutely wonderful! Your friend is so talented.


youve definitely heard it before. its another song, but i dont know the name.


ahh I see. Thank you!


such beautiful songs..she's really talented! where can I buy the tracks?


Please give me a cd! I love this