A relaxing mix to listen to if you've got a headache or if you're doing homework or even cleaning your room. Nostalgic, to say the least. Jack Johnson, Joshua Radin, Death Cab For Cutie.

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5 comments on Shoelaces untied You can dry your eyes Perfect shadows lie behind us And this is the day I make you mine

Calliope is the female a capella group at my school. You won't find much of their stuff anywhere except my iTunes.


who is "calliope"? i love the where you are cover but i can't find it on youtube or anything!


i have a throbbing headache, and with every pluck of guitar that this playlist offers, it withers away. who needs panadol when you have music like this?


I never find a mix without songs I skip. This mix is perfect. 8tracks just told me I can't play it again for another few hours -- that's how great it is!


This is awesome....then i heard dispatch and it became amazing!


and then it only gets better from there