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an ending that fits: a Remus/Tonks denial mix


Remus/Tonks is/was my Harry Potter OTP, so you can probably imagine I was pretty upset about certain character deaths in Deathly Hallows. I dealt with this by basically deciding those character deaths never happened. I originally made this mix in early 2008 (the annotations are also from 2008) and just recently decided to put it up here because I wanted to post it on AO3. (And yes, Nickelback, I KNOW, but it had a line so perfect I used it for the mix title, okay?)

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This fanmix is absolutely amazing, I'm in love with it! You capture Remus and Tonks perfectly, as well as their love for Teddy. This is magnificent, thank you for creating it my dear :) (still in denial Jo killed them that never happened)