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acoustic k-indie


Do not look for someone that is fun,
For that person will also be fun to others.
Do not look for someone that is pretty,
For that person will also be pretty to others.

Someone that is nice to you, only beautiful to you, and only fun to you,
If you have that one person, life is wonderful.

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I love this playlist so much. I have listened to it more than 20 times. >.< Wish I can play this more than twice a day...

Now, about that proverb. It's not that you shouldn't look for someone with those qualities, it's that you should look for someone who sees those qualities within you. This is different from what is seen on the exterior. Build upon this with that one person and be thankful for it, never taking it for granted, and then you will find life to be wonderful and your soul complete.

Just some advice from a man working on his 14th year of a very happy marriage.

I'd like to hear some Casker in here, maybe some J Rabbit, Nell, or Humming Urban Stereo. Other than that, it works very nicely, like tuning into a lazy Sunday afternoon in late June.