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embraceable you


How is it remotely possible that i like you even more now that 'we' have ended?

Our feelings now unfiltered.
Your flaws still unfound.

The depth of our shared interests only seems to deepen.

Will i ever find somebody new
or will they always be a cheap replica of you?

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yeah I actually liked dropping by and asking you questions from time to time and stuff :(( && aw thank you so much!! I love your mixes as well & I was in shock ((in a v good way)) when you posted so many playlists in a short period of time!! pls continue making playlists!!!! *can i call myself a fan or is that weird lol*

@coru-scate you can still hit me up on tumblr or make an account on ask.fm :) i like answering questions a lot!! Yeah i've been finding a lot of good music lately. And totally, i can't believe i actually have fans hahaha. makes me feel grateful!

i love this!! thanks so much for makin this, you never disappoint with your playlists! btw, I was the one that asked for the cover on ask.fm.. thank you so much, I really like those two! as soon as finals are done, imma get down to making some playlists haha. for some reason it requires me to log in in order to ask you questions on ask now? weird but yeah thank you!! ((this comment just got super long im so sorry))

@coru-scate Ohhhhhh! I really like your playlists too :). I've started following you but let me know when you release your next mix! I'm excited to hear it. Don't be sorry, I like long messages hahaha. And really????? Maybe thats why I've gotten 0 questions in the past month ... how annoying :(