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good morning, love


songs to wake up to

  • CASKER HIDDEN COVER (Voc by Donggeyoung) Acoustic ver
  • 봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고 (Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms feat. 아이유 IU) by 하이포 (HIGH4)
  • I really hate her by methafatma
  • Sober Up by 에디킴(Eddy Kim 김정환)
  • 널 바래다 주러 가는 길(Feat. 동경소녀) by 플레이모드(Play Mode)
  • 소심한 오빠들 (sosimhan boys) by 소심한 오빠들 (Sosimhan Boys)
  • Doesn't Matter by Jeff Bernat
  • 1set(원셋) 1st Single 'Tonight by awwiam
  • 부탁 (Acoustic) by 비스윗
  • Feel So High by 이츠 (It's)
  • Happy Birthday To You by 홍대광
  • That`s OK (말 시키지 마) (Feat. 오태석 Of 오브로젝트) by Michelle Lee (이미쉘)
  • 바람바람바람 (빈폴 아웃도어 CF) by 수지 (Suzy)
  • London Lady by deep brown
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Agree with @hyuntine, the first time Eddy Kim came on was an instant sell! Hope you can keep updating the mix with any of his new songs. :)

@jesziedesiree Thanks for the kind words :). I usually dont update old playlists, but in my newest mix i've included the eddy kim x mamamoo song 'coffee and tea'!

I listen to this mix every morning now! The first time I played it and Eddy Kim was up first and I just fell in love ❤️ please continue making wonderful mixes!