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playlist for the sad/sleepless


“The truth is this:
My love for you is the only empire
I will ever build.
When it falls,
as all empires do,

I will never again dream of having the whole world.”


Tracklist: http://danielions.com/2015/06/18/irretrievably/

14 tracks
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oh my goodness thank you! I can't seem to find your 'seperation' playlist anymore! but thank you a bunch, keep making these great mixes :)

hi sorry to bug you, but my comment seems to be deleted, I'd just like to know the English name for the song by papercut project? The link/title seems to lead me to a different song

@indiewaterfalls Hello! You posted on my other playlist (separation) too! but the papercut project song in this mix is called "한 번 더 생각해봐" which roughly translates to "think about it again"

Dude I really enjoy your playlists. I was craving something other. and this is other. Definitely getting exposed to the less pop-y side of Korean music and I like it.

@Galloglass Thank you!! I put a lot of effort into curating these playlists but its all worth it when i receive comments like these. Glad i can show you the other side of korean music :)

Oh my god... seriously, from the first note of the first song I loved this playlist already. You know those moments when you hear a song for the first time and you just do that relaxed sighing thing while saying, "This. This song. This song is it"? That was me for every song on this playlist. Thank you so much for sharing! Helped me concentrate

@kkoma sorry for the late reply! I'm really glad you like it, your comment was one of the best i've received - so thanks a ton :)