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stupid love ; 감아


sometimes i'll create playlists around a certain mood i'm currently feeling. other times it's because i find this one song that i'm absolutely addicted to and i'll build around that.
this time it's #2

14 tracks
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omg i think my ears are smiling; this mix was so so so so good! keep up the asdghhjkskak work okay? i'm waiting for another one to come along! :) thanks for making my day a little bit better.

AWESOME! You are my fave lol I love your playlists. May I request a playlist from 2014 HIPHOPPLAYA SHOW or Songs from Rookie's Game?

thanks so much! unfortunately i don;t think im knowledgeable enough of those shoes to make a playlist :(. if you have any recommendations of good songs, please do send them over!