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you my

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I loved it! I am already planning to go back lol Yes I did go to concerts and festivals and those were probably the best moments ^^

This playlist deserves an award just for the description lol No, joking. This playlist is seriously great and it has that Seoul vibes that makes me miss Korea so badly. But really... 이 플레이리스트을 창안해서 너무 고마워요!

@Bacon4Eggs oh my goodness, sorry for the late response! i somehow missed it whenever it was posted. It really makes me miss korea too! hahah Thanks for the kind words

@123123q wow i just went to check it out and it looks so awesome! Too bad we'll be travelling around Korea and will have to give a miss to this event :x Can't wait to explore your country too :D Hope the weather's not too hot! Listening to these make it more bearable hee