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Exams are life ruiners. They ruin people's lives.


Yep, it's the worst time of the year again.
Here's a mix of 50 chill beats to get you through those long, awful days of studying.
But we all know it will be worth it in the long run, so just enjoy the ride as much as possible and listen to some sweet tunes while you're at it.

40 tracks
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I listened to this playlist during what might be the happiest times in my life. It breaks my heart listening to it again 5 years later. This was the playlist I heard while I was dating the love of my life. Now I feel broken. Everyday is broken without her, and I have kinda moved on, but I haven't. I still cry while listening to this. And I have to thank whoever made this.

I used to listen to this playlist as an undergraduate doing my Bachelor.. I then listened to it while doing my Graduate Diploma.. and am still listening to it now while doing my Master's. Love love love it!! x

It's my favorite playlist ever! I think I know it since August 2012 and I'm still listening to it very often! Thanks for creating something so good and special. This playlist is also made on my Birthday, thanks for that present!