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Saint Seiya | Praesepe & Roses


Imbued by last few decades' punk and rock, a fanmix for the deadliest and sassiest pair in Sanctuary.

Cover art: Teshirogi Shiori

Colour by: unknown

10 tracks
2 comments on Saint Seiya | Praesepe & Roses

I just want to point out that the art used here is actually Pisces Albafica and Cancer Manigoldo from The Lost Canvas. Albafica's hair is a lot straighter than Aphrodite.

@kayoriayane Yes I know :) I credited the cover art to Teshirogi, since its scanned from her art, but I couldn't find who coloured it. I love both versions of Cancer and Pisces, so this fanmix is dedicated to Kurumada's classic Saint Seiya and Teshirogi's The Lost Canvas. I hope you enjoyed it!

Deathmask and Aphrodite has been my favorite couple in Saint Seiya since ever and your playlist matched perfectly with them. I just loved it with all my heart.
Congratulations for the wonderful work ♥

@「❁」 Thank you for listening and for the kind words! My image of of Deathmask and Aphrodite is like couples in rock 'n roll such as Sid and Nancy, or Kurt and Courtney. I hope you'd enjoy my other playlists too :)