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Songs of Vojvodina


What you are going to hear in this mix is traditional music of Vojvodina. This music has strong bonds with Romanian, Hungarian, Slavonic (Slavonia region in present Croatia) and Central Serbian music. In all of these songs you will hear tamburitza and string orchestras. Alongside with these, I strongly recommend you anything on the internet played by Zvonko Bogdan and late Janika Balázs/Janika Balaž.

10 tracks
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Vojvodina is an autonomous province of Serbia and her northern part. It represents the Serbian part of the Pannonian basin. Demographicaly very diverse, with more than 25 ethnic groups and 6 official languages, it is very cosmopolitic. Also, its plains, rivers and forests make it rich with nature. Its biggest mountain (one of only two), covered with forests, is a home of 16 orthodox monasteries, that earned that mountain reputation of "Serbian Athos".